The Original Soakin’ Sink

The Original Soakin’ Sink

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Our premiere product, the Original Soakin Sink is a portable inflatable hair shampoo wash and hair soak basin. The basin acts as a portable inflatable sink or tub that you can wash or soak your hair any where! It features an inflatable pillow for comfort and ease during use. It comes with a tube that makes filling and letting water in and out easy and mess free! The basin can be inflated by blowing each compartment up using a pump or by mouth.

This basin is perfect for elderly or disabled people. It is great for anyone who is unable to get out of bed to have their hair washed. Home health aides, Personal care assistants, travel nurses, assisted living and nursing homes have all found that this portable basin helps wash their patient's hair while laying in bed easily.

Parents find that the Original Soakin Sink portable inflatable shampoo basin makes was wash day for the kids less stressful. Kids love the Original Soakin Sink inflatable shampoo basin! The design ensures comfort and also keeps water and shampoo out of the kids face and off of the floor. No more wrestling with your children to wash their hair.

If you have locs, you will love the Original Soakin Sink. This portable inflatable hair wash basin allows you to not only wash your locs anywhere without straining your neck and arms but it is also perfect for you to soak your locs for deep cleansing and detoxing. You can use this inflatable hair basin to do an ACV rinse easily. *Pump and Pillow are not included*