Apple Cider Vinegar: An Ultimate Natural Cleaner

Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been the hype for the past few years and for good reason. It has been proven, if taken daily along with other significant lifestyle changes, to improve digestion, lower blood sugar levels, reduce belly fat, lower cholesterol and improve heart health. And chile, that’s with just 3 tablespoons daily!

So now that we’ve explored a few of the benefits apple cider vinegar has to overall wellness, let’s talk about how it helps your hair. It is said that apple cider vinegar...

Headwraps In History

"I wear a headwrap because a headwrap is a crown, and I am a queen." [-Erykah Badu] 

Headwraps have been a thing since the early 1700s within African culture. African women used headwraps as a way of head adornment.  The headwraps were a way to determine the age, marital status, and prosperity of the woman wearing them.

I honestly wear a Headwrap for those times when my crown needs some adjusting (aka my hair is jacked up.) I got into wearing Headwraps soon after having my son. The postpartum shedding was way...

Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores on the Rise

Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores on the Rise

Why tf would black women ever buy things for their hair from people who don't know a thing about their hair? Well now we (black woman) have finally begun to see the light. And some of us are coming for our piece of the billion dollar beauty industry pie..